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Why You Should Be Pruning Trees in Your Yard

Let’s face it. Beautiful, blossoming trees add endless amounts of curb appeal to the exterior of a home. But how did the neighbor down the street achieve this? Chances are high that your neighbor is investing in a professional to perform a technique called tree pruning. But what is tree pruning? And should you be pruning your trees? We’re here to guide you through these questions.

Pruning Trees vs. Trimming Trees

Now that you know what your neighbor is investing in, you start your search on local tree pruning. The tree company in town is advertising tree trimming, but you start to wonder if this is the same as pruning trees. The short answer- no. Tree trimming and tree pruning are two different things- and here’s why.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is generally performed to appeal to the aesthetics of the tree. It can involve trimming unruly branches back, thinning out branches, and adding a pleasing shape to the tree. This task is performed primarily to shape the tree as it grows and prevent the tree from looking scraggly. It can usually be performed by anyone with a general landscaping background, or even done yourself. Tree trimming does not focus on the health of the tree, just the general curb appeal.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is not only focused on the shape of the tree, but also the health of the tree. There is a science behind keeping a tree healthy and thriving, and that’s why these services are offered by Certified Arborists. Pruning trees involves the removal of dead or diseased limbs, and taking out branches that interfere with the growth of others. If too much of the tree is cut at a time, it could send the tree into shock, which could stunt a tree’s growth or end in death. Anyone can cut tree branches, but it takes special skill to understand which ones.

Becoming a Certified Arborist requires extensive knowledge and training through the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). They are commonly referred to as “tree doctors” or “tree surgeons” due to the fact that they can diagnose and treat tree diseases. In order to keep this certification, a Certified Arborist must regularly renew their certification and stay in touch with the latest technologies and techniques. Because of this, Certified Arborists should be your go-to for all tree care needs, especially when it involves pruning trees. This article explains the many benefits of hiring a Certified Arborist.

Benefits to Pruning Trees in Your Yard

Now that you’ve found a company of Certified Arborists that are trained in tree pruning, you start to ask yourself if there are other benefits to pruning trees versus trimming them. We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why pruning your trees is the superior choice.

Control The Structural Integrity

One of the biggest benefits to pruning your tree professionally is that they will be able to control the structural integrity of your tree. A trained professional will know which branches to prune in order to shape the tree by promoting growth in all the right places. This keeps the weight distribution equal and prevents large, disproportionate branch structures from forming.

Health Maintenance

A tree that contains diseased or dead limbs is not a healthy tree. In order to protect the health of your tree, you must address issues before they overtake it. A professional will be able to diagnose your tree and develop a plan of action. This usually includes removing the dead or diseased portions. It could also include solutions for a fungus that has taken over. Pruning your tree correctly will help your tree heal and flourish.

Safety For Everything Around It

If you decide against pruning your trees, the tree will grow how it wants (which is not always best) and become unruly. And if disease starts to take over, large limbs will rot and fall from the tree. This poses a safety risk for your home and others around you. Large branches falling on your home can cause many issues, including structural damage to your home. Storms could also carry these large, loose branches to other properties, harming not only your property but the neighbors too. By regularly pruning your trees, the chance of a tree or its branches falling is greatly reduced.

Encourages Fruit Growth

A fruit tree can be a wonderful addition to your yard. If you start to notice dead limbs within your tree or low fruit production, it’s time to call in a professional. A Certified Arborist can prune your fruit tree in a way that promotes fruit production. If the tree contains diseased limbs, chances are high that the area will be full of bugs and insects. This will greatly reduce the amount of quality fruit the tree is producing. By pruning the fruit tree correctly, an Arborist will be able to promote the growth of spurs, which in turn yields more fruit.

Overall Beauty

Certified Arborists are dedicated to the health of your tree, but they also understand that you want your yard full of beautiful, shapely trees. Tree pruning is the best of both worlds. A professional will be able to shape your trees to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping your trees healthy.

Pruning Trees is Worth The Investment

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to hiring a Certified Arborist to prune your trees. By keeping up to date with their certifications, these professionals are able to offer top notch tree care services by utilizing the latest technology. Tree pruning will keep your trees healthy, thriving, and just as beautiful as your neighbor’s trees down the street.

Rogue Tree Solutions Are Certified Arborists That Can Prune Your Trees

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