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Your Guide to the Best Trees to Plant in Ohio

Trees are a vital part of every home’s landscaping. From large shade trees to smaller ornamental trees, there’s many to choose from. The environment and climate are important considerations when choosing trees for your landscaping, as the weather in Ohio can be harsh at times. With a mound of things to consider, you may be left wondering what the best trees to plant in Ohio are. We are here to guide you through some of the best trees to take your landscaping to the next level.

Best Trees to Plant in Ohio

Here in Ohio, we experience many weather conditions throughout the year. Harsh winters and hot summers are a normal part of Ohio weather. But even with the severe weather fluctuations, there are many beautiful trees that thrive in our climate. Here are some of the best trees to plant in Ohio.

Oak Tree

The Oak tree is one of the most notorious trees in Ohio, and for good reason! Oak trees are able to withstand the severe weather conditions we often experience. They also grow relatively quickly, providing shade in only a couple of years. The most common White Oak tree will grow up to 80 feet in size. If you like the characteristics of Oak trees but don’t want the massive size, consider planting a Dwarf Chinkapin Oak tree (or Chinquapin Oak). These small Oak trees will grow to up to 15 feet in size, providing greenery in small spaces. Dwarf Oak trees are not as common in Ohio, so make sure your yard is ideal before planting.

Not only do Oak trees make great shade trees, they also turn bright red and orange in the fall. Ohio is a wonderful state for experiencing all 4 seasons, and we feel that the Oak tree highlights the beautiful turn of the season.

American Crabapple

The American Crabapple is a widely popular tree throughout the state of Ohio. This tree is known for its fragrant, sweet scent from its white-pink blossoms. Opposite from its sweet scent, the fruit it produces is bitter and often used for jelly or jam. The American Crabapple thrives in all weather conditions, making this tree one of the best trees to plant in Ohio. As far as height, this tree will grow to approximately 25 feet tall.

Crabapple trees are also known for their ability to cross-pollinate. If you have apple trees and you’re worried about its pollination or fruit production, plant a crabapple tree nearby. Crabapple trees are excellent pollinators, and will attract birds, bees, bugs, etc. These animals and bugs are important for pollination, and pollination is vital to fruit production. Check out our blog to better understand the importance of pollinators and healthy trees.

Red Maple

Red Maple trees are another popular tree throughout Ohio. The Red Maple grows up to 70 feet in height. These trees are easily spotted by their red characteristics, no matter the season. You can expect vibrant red leaves in the fall, red twigs and buds in the winter, red spring flowers, and red summer petioles (connecting the twig to the leaf). Red Maples prefer moist to wet soil, but will tolerate many different environments. This is ideal for our climate and makes the Red Maple one of the best trees to plant in Ohio. If you are looking for a large tree with beautiful fall foliage, consider planting a Red Maple tree.


The Pawpaw tree is a popular tree among Ohio homeowners due to its delicious fruits that mature in late summer. It grows tropical looking green leaves that turn yellow or golden brown in the fall. Pawpaw trees grow to 25 feet tall and are a great medium-sized tree for most yards. They prefer moist, well-drained soil, and will tolerate drier soils (but not without some difficulty). For a good looking medium-sized tree that bears delicious fruits, consider adding a Pawpaw tree to your landscaping.

Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch trees are a wonderful choice for your landscaping. They grow to 70 feet tall and provide great shade in the summer months. In the fall, the Yellow Birch displays beautiful yellow leaves. These trees prefer moist, well-drained soil, but will tolerate drier soil. If the tree experiences environmental stress, it will become more susceptible to disease and infestations. Keeping a close eye on your Yellow Birch tree is important for its health.

Start Your Landscaping With Beautiful Trees

Before committing to trees for your landscaping, you’ll want to consider a few things. First, make sure that your tree isn’t planted too close to your home. The roots can affect your home’s foundation and tree branches can start to touch your roof. You’ll also want to make certain that your trees are spaced far enough apart. This ensures that they have plenty of space to grow without competition from nearby trees. Luckily, there are plenty of trees that thrive in Ohio’s changing seasons. And with enough research and planning, you’re sure to find the best trees to plant in Ohio.

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